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Kim challenges many villains, while dealing with interesting social issues.

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original title: Kim Possible

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi


imdb: 6.6

duration: 30min

tags: When the impossible is what you need, THIS is who you want.


keywords: femaleprotagonist, femalelead, baremidriff, womanwithabaremidriff, croptop, supernaturalpower, highschool, nakedmolerat, cheerleader, genius, villain, populargirl, cheerleading, 2000s, twowordtitle, s

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"Kim Possible" is about a high-school cheerleader who, with the help of her best friend Ron Stoppable and his pet Naked Mole Rat Rufus, saves the world from various comical villains and still finds time to be a relatively normal girl with crushes, extracurricular activities, and high-school rivals. Kim Possible is a girl who can do anything: stop an avalanche or an evil supervillian. She goes to high school with her friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable (and his pet mole rat Rufus) by day; by night she tackles the baddies that threaten the world. She's helped by a genius computer nerd Wade, and a network of grateful people that she's helped in the past, who give her free rides all around the planet to where she's needed. I used to absolutely love this show, then I stopped liking it, but as the new season came out, I started to like it a lot more again. It has a certain essence to it, that just keeps you wanting more. It is action filled, not as much as non-cartoons, but still pretty good to satisfy. I like most of the episodes, but some of them are okay. The new season is definitely the best. The first few seasons are also good. The voices of all of the characters have really good chemistry, and they all blend together really well. The plot of all of the episodes/movies is really well put together, and a crowd pleaser. Even if you don't like these kinds of shows, you will say that it is good. If you haven't watched this show before, I would definitely suggest it, whenever it is on. **This Review May Contain Spoilers**

This was one of the best animated shows I have ever seen.

The main reason is the chemistry, wit, and realism of the two lead characters, Kim and Ron. Kim is one of the strongest female leads I have seen in any medium, almost like one James Cameron does. Christy Carlson Romano has the talent for it and makes her totally believable. And Ron is enjoyably goofy, well most of the time, voiced by the great Will Friedle. The supporting characters are a lot of fun too, Drakken and Shego (John "Bender" DiMaggio and the excellent Nicole Sullivan) are the funniest villains I've ever seen, and Patton Oswalt is inspired as Dementor. Patrick Warburton, Gary Cole, and Jean Smart also work their way in for great characters.

The animation is also spectacular. The first season was good but a little awkward. Which show's first season isn't? But by the end of Season 3 it was the best looking animation I had seen other than Pixar. Stephen Silver was the lead character designer and his work is brilliant, and very stylish. It's the epitome of character design in animation so far for me. The backgrounds also match the style of the characters, spearheaded by Andy Ice and Alan Bodner. It reminds the viewers of the Ken Anderson/Maurice Noble standards of animation backgrounds and locations. Adam Berry's music was great too. He evoked the classic spy music by James Bond composer John Barry, but also put his own indelible mark on it, blending the classic and cool orchestra music with a very pop feel to it.

Seasons 1-3 were outstanding, mostly because while a few episodes were dumb, most (90%) of them were very funny, emotional, and great to watch. By So the Drama, the animation and writing reached their zeniths, and the best moment was the much anticipated kiss between Kim and Ron, becoming a couple.

Then Season 4 came. It was great that the fans had a say and broke Disney's 65 episode policy, that's very inspirational. But the season was a mixed bag. Most of the episodes got too zany or were very forced. I mean some of the ideas were too far out for most viewers, and Ron is made to look like an almost undesirable person because of his goofiness. There are some genuine moments of love and a great look at the relationship between Kim and Ron, but most elements get lost in the shuffle. I wish the Graduation episode was a little more emotional, but hey, not my call.

In short this show is excellent. I knock it off of 10 stars because of the mixed bag that was Season 4, but it was still great. Hopefully Disney doesn't let this lie dormant, and something new comes of it in the future.


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